January 19, 2017


Tubal Reversal – Toni Leftwich – Kaufman, Texas

Last updated : 2 December 2014

After having two children, I had my tubes tied in June of 1999. July 2007 I came to Dr. Rosenfeld in hopes that he could perform a tubal reversal on me so my husband and I could conceive a child together. January 19, 2010 we had our miracle baby, Braelyn Hope. Dr. Rosenfeld was heaven sent, without him my family would not have our precious little Angel, Braelyn. My family and I would like to give a big thank you to Dr. Rosenfeld and his staff!!

Brandie Perry – Vidor, Texas

Last updated : 2 December 2014

Dr. Rosenfeld performed my tubal reversal May 11, 2009 –after being “fixed” for 11 years. With this procedure, my husband was able to finally experience the miracle of bringing a baby into this world because within 3 months, we were pregnant! Miss Rylin Shae Perry graced us with her presence on May 14, 2010. Even though my husband, Will, has always been an excellent father to my children, I am so blessed to be able to share this experience with him and to have given him the opportunity to have a child of his own. What a blessing she is and we are SO grateful to Dr. Rosenfeld and all of his staff for making it possible! Thank You!

Feel free to contact me at bam2628@yahoo.com.

Brandie Perry from Vidor, Texas

Tubal Reversal – Gilbert and Angela Merz – Texas

Last updated : 2 December 2014

Our Tubal Reversal Babies!

We cannot thank you enough for everything that you all have done for us. When we first came to you with our dreams we were a little skeptical since it seemed too good to be true, but 3 years later we have been blessed with not one, but two little angels and it is all thanks to you!!  Thank You!!




Tubal Reversal Patient – Christy Nicholas – Texas

Last updated : 2 December 2014


July 3, 2012

Thank you, thank you, and once again, thank you, Dr. Rosenfeld. I can’t thank you enough for helping me have my Angie Kayley Grace, she’s my Tubal Reversal baby; had procedure 3/09, got pregnant 7/10.

Tubal Ligation Reversal – Heather Longino – Sugarland, Texas

Last updated : 2 December 2014

Dr. Rosenfeld is awesome, and I was pregnant the first month that I tried!! I now have a six year old son. I am so grateful for the office; they explained everything! The pain pump was excellent, I used it for three days. It really helped with the pain.  





Yvonne & Freddie Mims – Baytown, Texas

Last updated : 2 December 2014

Yvonne & Freddie Mims – Baytown, Texas – Tubal Reversal Success Story

The tubal ligation was done 1994 in Germany after my first two children were born (1988 & 1994). At that point I was sure that I would not want any more children but, that was before I met my current husband. Once we married and decided to try a tubal reversal I found Dr. Rosenfeld through an internet search for specialists.

In March 2006I had my surgery with Dr. Rosenfeld. It went very well and I received the On-Q pump for pain management. The pump was removed by my husband at home after less than 24 hours.

Since I am older than your average mom, my chances for conceiving were low and I was told to come back if I was not pregnant after one year. I returned six week later after a positive pregnancy test!!

Our daughter Aiyana was born in January 2006 at the Women’s Hospital of Texas.

After the birth of Aiyana we opted for the Mirena IUD as our method of birth control. This IUD was removed by Dr. Rosenfeld in May 2009 when we decided to try for another baby. At that point my chances were even lower as I had reached a more advanced age of 41. Again, after the removal I was told to give it a year before discussing other means (hormone therapy, etc.). Six weeks later I was back at his office after a positive pregnancy test!!

Our son, Eric, was born in April 2010.

We are thankful for our very healthy, beautiful children that we would not have if it weren’t for Dr. Rosenfeld’s expertise. His office staff and nurses are fantastic! Thank you!











Jennifer Davis – Vidor, Texas

Last updated : 2 December 2014

The pain pump made a big difference. I had zero pain, took less medication and experienced a whole world of difference. I wish everyone used the On-Q PainBuster Pump. I got pregnant two months later, had a miscarriage, tried again and one year later I got pregnant. My baby is now one year old. Everything was wonderful when I had my reversal. I am very thankful for Dr. Rosenfeld.

Contact Jennifer Davis at davisln@att.net to ask your tubal reversal questions.

Tubal Reversal San Antonio – Testimonial #1528

Last updated : 2 December 2014

I loved the On-Q pain pump so much; it was so nice to be able to move around after my reversal. Following a myomectomy [to remove fibroids from the uterus] the pain pump was requested and I got pregnant three months later, miscarried BUT then pregnant again one year after reversal and delivered 5/5/10. My home doctor, Dr. Michelle Harden, said that Dr. Rosenfeld’s MTR [microsurgical tubal reanastomosis] work  is the best that she has ever seen. My tubes were perfect! Thank you again for my beautiful baby.

Janna Santana – Crosby, Texas

Last updated : 30 November 2016

I thought I was through raising children, but after finding Dr. Rosenfeld online, I actually got a shot at being a mother again. After our consult with Dr. Rosenfeld, the possibility of completing our family was a reality.

He went over the procedure and made sure we knew the exact process. After 2 c-sections, I thought I knew how the surgery and recovery would be, but boy was I wrong! With the On-Q pain pump, I was able to get out of bed immediately. With my previous surgeries, I was not even close to getting out of bed due to excruciating pain. The pump was such a big help! It numbed the pain and I was still completely coherent.

We were recommended to wait three months to conceive and after our first try, we were pregnant! We couldn’t be happier and after a month, we were blessed with a beautiful, healthy baby boy! Thanks to Dr. Rosenfeld and all of his wonderful staff for making my family complete!

Destiny Andrews – Lockhart, Texas

Last updated : 2 December 2014

I had a successful tubal reversal with Dr. Rosenfeld in November 2009.  It was a great experience and I couldn’t believe how fast I became pregnant.  The whole process was smooth and quick.  The on-q pain pump was wonderful and the recovery went well! I’m so bless and very thankful to Dr. Rosenfeld, his staff was wonderful and made me feel comfortable. Would recommend to anyone who’s curious and want to try for another!! IT WORKED FOR ME. My son is Zaden was born 10/20/2010.



Leah Williams – Crosby, Texas

Last updated : 2 December 2014

At first, I was scared and concerned with the outcome of the tubal reversal procedure.  But after meeting Dr. Rosenfeld and his staff, I was in love! They were awesome and the procedure was so worth it.  I had a really great experience and every time I would call, they would be so helpful and very attentive. Dr. Rosenfeld and his staff were fabulous; I could not have expected a better experience! Thank you Dr. Rosenfeld! My son Preston Lee Williams was born on 03/20/2009.



Tubal Reversal Baby Pictures – Kathy Scott – La Porte, Texas

Last updated : 2 December 2014

Here are a couple of tubal reversal baby pictures for you to enjoy!

“It was such a fantastic experience! Dr. Rosenfeld did a wonderful job and his office staff was so friendly, making me feel so comfortable.  I had  no pain with the aid of the pain pump.  I did conceive from the tubal reversal and had a beautiful child. Here are two pictures of our baby Mia Ashlynn now at 6 months, she was born November 2nd, 2010 weighing in at 8 lbs. 11oz.”

Kathy Scott – La Porte, Texas
Contact me at katherineedmonds@yahoo.com.



Brandy Kocian – Groesbeck, Texas

Last updated : 2 December 2014

I absolutely loved my experience with Dr. Rosenfeld.  I was fortunate to conceive my 6 month old daughter Sophia LaVal Kocian all thanks to Dr. Rosenfeld.  The doctor was nice and talked to me about everything.  His office staff was great and everyone was so kind! The pain pump was great and helped me get back to work in about a week and a half! Thank you Dr. Rosenfeld.

Brandy Kocian – Groesbeck, Texas



Gail Barnes – Lubbock, Texas

Last updated : 2 December 2014


After reading multiple testimonials online, I chose to go with Dr. Rosenfeld to perform my tubal reversal.  I honestly could not have made a better choice! Dr. Rosenfeld and his staff were very pleasant, nice and have everything ready for me.  It was very convenient and planned ahead, making it easier on me and my husband.  The On-Q pain pump was fantastic and I told all of my friends about it! After my surgery in June 2008, I was thrilled to say I was expecting in November 2009! The experience was truly life changing and I would not have asked for anyone else to do the procedure!
Gail Barnes – Lubbock, Texas


















Amanda Peschel – Industry, Texas

Last updated : 2 December 2014


My experience with Dr. Rosenfeld was absolutely wonderful.  I loved Dr. Rosenfeld and his staff was perfect.  The on-q pain pump helped tremendously with the pain.  It was so successful and I was pregnant in seven to eight weeks. Thank you a million times  for giving back my ability to have a child, she is our whole world, her name is Ella Kay Peschel.


Amanda Peschel – Industry, Texas