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Tubal Reversal New Mexico – Sara Griego

Last updated : 15 October 2014

Tubal Reversal

The care I received from Dr. Rosenfeld and his staff was outstanding. The tubal reversal procedure was easy, as well as recovery. Unbelievable how quick I was able to get pregnant!!

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  • Tranesha Fisher – Waco, Texas
      This office is great!! I had absolutely no pain. Dr. Rosenfeld was very professional and his staff was excellent. The on-q pain pump was good and I really liked the hospital where the surgery was performed. Worth every dollar.     Update! Date Of Surgery: March 9 2012 Just found out I’m pregnant […]
  • Tubal Reversal San Antonio - Testimonial #1521Tubal Reversal San Antonio – Testimonial #1521
    Date of Surgery: April 2nd, 2013 Pain Management: Exparel Shot Did you feel pain after the surgery? Little Discomfort How did the scar look and feel after the surgery?: My scar healed up nicely. You can barely tell that it is there and I am very happy with that. I would like to thank Dr. […]
  • K. R. – Texas City, TexasK. R. – Texas City, Texas
    I felt this was a wonderful experience! Everyone was nice and it definitely worked; I am now 30 weeks pregnant! I would recommend Dr. Rosenfeld to anyone because I believe he is the best. I had my tubes tied for 15 years and six months after having the surgery, I was pregnant! The staff was […]
  • Our 2 Tubal Reversal Babies - Emily Lara - Richmond, TexasOur 2 Tubal Reversal Babies – Emily Lara – Richmond, Texas
      I had no pain with the On-Q pump and I actually went to work the next day. My co-workers were amazed and I told them the pain pump works wonders. I now have two kids after my tubal reversal surgery, Lorenzo and Violet. Thanks everyone! Highly recommend Dr. Rosenfeld and his office. Emily Lara […]
  • Tubal Reversal Texas – Monica MorenoTubal Reversal Texas – Monica Moreno
    I had such an amazing experience with my tubal reversal surgery. We did our surgery in March 2013 and got pregnant in July 2013. I had our beautiful baby boy at 6 lbs 13 oz he is 6 months now and is right at 23 lbs. He’s so healthy, and such a calm baby. Now […]
  • Tubal Reversal Oklahoma - Testimonial #1519Tubal Reversal Oklahoma – Testimonial #1519
    After looking on the web for tubal reversal doctors, I was lucky to find Dr. Rosenfeld. Dr. Rosenfeld and his staff were great; everything went well and was successful. The On-Q Pain pump given to me for after my procedure was great, better than oral medication! I was nervous at first, but after coming in […]
  • Teresa Cortez – Tubal Reversal Patient from Sugarland, Texas
    The reversal went well, my recovery was rapid (back to work a week later) and I achieved pregnancy soon after. I’m still overwhelmed by the fact that a simple surgical procedure gave life to two souls who otherwise never would have been. No amount of praise or credit is sufficient reward for facilitating such a miracle. […]
  • Tubal Reversal Babies - Shemise Michael - Houston, TexasTubal Reversal Babies – Shemise Michael – Houston, Texas
    It’s twins!! Dr. Rosenfeld explained the outpatient procedure in great detail and it was a simple semi-painless process! The follow-up care was fantastic and less than 3 months I was pregnant!  Now we have 5 month old fraternal twins. Emeka Kayden Michael 6lbs 5.oz and Ngozi Katelynn Michael 5lbs 15oz.My experience at Dr. Rosenfeld’s office […]
  • Tubal Reversal Dallas – Testimonial #1507
    My experience with Dr. Rosenfeld was great.  He had a better percentage [of pregnancies after tubal reversal] than other doctors and other doctors told me the reconstruction of my tubes was not possible! Dr. Rosenfeld and his staff were great and the pain pump really helped! I was back to regular activities within 4 days! Connie Briseno […]
  • Tubal Reversal Moscow Texas – Patricia Proctor
    I am so glad I found Dr. Rosenfeld.  The tubal reversal procedure was great and went very, very well.  Within a year I was pregnant and two years later was expecting again.  We are so happy to have two children running around our home.  Thank you to Dr. Rosenfeld and his staff, they were the […]
  • Tubal Reversal Lufkin Texas – Juanita Alvarado
    It was a really good experience, and it was also a marvelous place. I will recommend it to everyone. I am  7 months pregnant currently and I already had 1 little boy before this pregnancy!
  • Jaime Douglas - Humble, TexasJaime Douglas – Humble, Texas
      Dr. Rosenfeld performed an amazing surgery.  Every aspect of my surgery went perfectly.  The nursing and office staff is always extremely friendly and helpful.  They always offer more than a patient could expect.  Dr. Rosenfeld’s office is always immaculate and offers a comforting environment.  It only took 4 months to conceive our perfect baby […]
  • Tubal Reversal Baby - Kelly Calle - Houston, TexasTubal Reversal Baby – Kelly Calle – Houston, Texas
    It is with pure joy and love that I want to introduce you to my precious GEM. Gracelyn Elisabeth Mazal was born on 26 March 2013. My tubal reversal was done in January 2012 but I waited 6 months to start trying and got pregnant on the first try!!!! Did I mention that I’m 36?! […]
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