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Tubal Reversal Washington – Catherine Lew

Last updated : 15 October 2014


Tubal Ligation Reversal patient from Seattle, Washington says:

I had three children with my previous marriage that I had a tubal ligation with my last child in August of ’98. Several years later I had a change of heart when I met my second husband, who did not have any children. With that being said I had done my research and found Dr. Rosenfeld. Although he was in Houston, Texas, that did not stop me from getting the my tubal ligation reversal. The reason why I say this is because of his success rates for the tubal reversal. The fee that he charged for this procedure is affordable and worth every penny for your miracle that also God helped create. I will not lie that it took me at least three years but I conceived my fourth child, at the age of thirty-eight. So you see, don’t be discouraged with prayers and a knowledgeable tubal reversal doctor whose knowledge and expertise in this field, will lead you to your little miracle(s). Short story, it happened for me and it will happen for you, so keep believing and it will come true! Good luck to your tubal ligation reversal journey!

Thank you to God for giving us Dr. Rosenfeld. May God bless you Dr. Rosenfeld and thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Catherine Lew

Tubal Ligation Reversal Patient From Seattle, Washington

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