March 30, 2017


Tubal Reversal China – Houston Texas Testimonial – Mei Lu

Last updated : 23 January 2017

Tubal Reversal Baby

Tubal Reversal patient from China says:

Dr. Rosenfeld, because of your skilled hands, now our family has two healthy boys, Mason and Forrest. I was forced to be sterilized in China in 1996 due to its birth control policy. After me and my husband came to US, we really wanted to have kids. At first, we tried IVF procedure in 2005, but it was not successful.

We found you from the website and saw the instruction for this micro-tubal reconstruction procedure. We decided to try again. The tubal ligation reversal surgery was done perfectly, it also repaired the ugly scar I got in China, even though it’s been 10 years after the sterilization was performed on me. Miraculously, I had my successful tubal ligation reversal pregnancy with my first son Mason just 5 months after the tubal reversal procedure. Our second son Forrest is already 2 years old. I cannot imagine what our life would be if we did not meet you and get the tubal reversal procedure done by you. We cannot say enough well about you, Dr. Rosenfeld and this life changing tubal ligation reversal surgery.

Mei Lu

Tubal Ligation Reversal Patient From China now in Houston, Texas

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