January 19, 2017


Another Tubal Reversal Baby from Humble, Texas

Last updated : 19 July 2016

another tubal reversal baby from megan starr of humble texas

Our newest TR baby, thanks to this wonderful man [Dr. Rosenfeld] and his staff.


Megan Starr
Humble, TX

(See Megan’s first TR baby announcement.)

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    I felt great and excited after the surgery! Dr. Rosenfeld did a good job and his office, he spent a lot of time with me.  I loved the nurses and I wished I could have used the on-q pain pump longer than I did! It helped! I have a beautiful and healthy baby girl!!! Thank you!!!  
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    I had a successful tubal reversal with Dr. Rosenfeld in November 2009.  It was a great experience and I couldn’t believe how fast I became pregnant.  The whole process was smooth and quick.  The on-q pain pump was wonderful and the recovery went well! I’m so bless and very thankful to Dr. Rosenfeld, his staff was wonderful and […]
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    I had a really great tubal reversal experience with Dr. Rosenfeld! He was wonderfuland so was the staff. They tried to be as flexible as possible with my needs and the on Q-pain pump was lifesaver. Acorn67@gmail.com
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    Everything was wonderful and very satisfying. Dr. Rosenfeld was great. We have been blessed with a beautiful baby girl born July 28, 2011 – and what a wonderful gift she is. I only have great things to say about him and his truthfulness. The staff was very sweet, professional and reassuring. The On-Q pain pump […]
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    My recovery time was good and I was back to work ASAP. Dr. Rosenfeld was very professional, well educated, and personally called me to explain everything! The staff was really down to earth, experienced, and so nice. The on-q pump was great, so wonderful!
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